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Boost Your Sales: Accept Credit Cards

Imd [imerchant direct] merchant services is A leader in the credit card processing industry. We have a full range of services that will have you accepting credit cards and other non-cash payments fast. Our simple solutions will get your merchant account approved in as little as one day.

  • free upgrades:
    upgrade your equipment for free! it is important to us to keep you up to date, reduce your risk and pci compliant.
  • free online reporting:
    access your account anytime so you can manage and monitor your account whenever you need.
  • low rate guarantee:
    we can beat your rate or we pay you 250$.
  • cash advance:
    get capital to invest in your business' future, cash advance up to $500,000 in as little as 10 days!
  • pci compliance:
    we keep you and your account secure to guard you from any risk to your livelihood.
  • constant contact:
    24 hour customer service
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merchant services

no middle man

We can do a side by side comparison and show you exactly how much money you are overpaying and how much money we will save each month by switching to imd. Here some of the ways that you are paying more because of a middle man:

  • fact: Banks don't process payments. Most people think the obvious place to sign up their merchant services is to go where their company banks...
  • resolution: Actually banks are just a middle man selling imd [type] services. Your money can be deposited into any bank because that is all your bank does. Imd is the source allowing you the best price.
  • fact: The majority of the people calling you are selling someone else services (there is no way someone who is selling someone's services can give you a better rate.)
  • resolution: imd is not a reseller we are a true provider. Imd is the source allowing you the best price; lower risk - middle men = more profit
imd : no middle men

imd customer service

customer service

Our goal is to provide the best customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients support relationship is based on an understanding that your business is our #1 priority. In an industry that appears to be "sign up and run"; our clients can feel assured that their business is our business, always.

We understand what customers value most from us is: attention, dependability, promptness and competence. To meet that goal, we regularly: discuss new ideas with employees and continue employee education to improve overall company service. It is our mission to invest in technology and structure our company to provide superior customer service to our customers. We will out-service any competition.

  • constant contact: 24 hour customer service
  • resolution: 95% of issues are resolved to customers satisfaction
  • innovation: Cutting edge customer service technology

rate: lock

Enjoy a 48 month rate guarantee. That’s right imd will lock in your rates for 4 years from the date of the signed application. Eliminate rate increases twice every year!

  • low rate: Get the very best rates available in the industry (based on the risk of your account)
  • rate-lock: Our 48 month rate guarantee eliminates rate increases twice every year!
  • unlock: We will beat any competitions rate and after your 48 months we will reevaluate the account or and lock the rate down.
  • Re-Lock: Additional 48 months once agreement is renewed.
imd rate lock

imd equipment upgrade

imd equipment

Imd offers only the most up to date and advanced technology in credit card processing equipment. We are committed to keeping our clients safe from any breach, thus we offer our clients a free terminal to every new merchant that is pci compliant and that has the most up to date technology.

    • pci compliance: We will provide you with PCI Compliant Software and Hardware
    • free upgrades: We will upgrade your terminal for free to meet PCI guidelines
    • free replacements: We will Replace Broken equipment for free

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